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The Grasshoppers' Silence by Eric Fischl and Linda Rogers

In collaboration with the Montreal International Poetry Prize, Montreal Books Press is pleased to announce the release of The Grasshoppers' Silence, a limited edition print by American artist Eric Fischl. 

Inspired by a poem by Canadian poet Linda Rogers, the print is hand-signed in pencil by Fischl and Rogers, limited to 100 copies only, and printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag. 

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Signal International Broadside Series

Montreal Books created the Signal International Broadside Series, a series of 10 broadside poems by 10 internationally-acclaimed poets. 

The broadsides are:

1) "Frog-Taming" by Matthew Sweeney (Ireland)
2) "Wedding the Locksmith's Daughter" by Robin Robertson (Scotland)
3) "Dancing Toward Bethlehem" by Billy Collins (USA)
4) "Eros" by Louise Glück (USA)
5) "The Unswept" by Sharon Olds (USA)
6) "The Feathering" by Galway Kinnell (USA)
7) "The Pattern" by Michael Longley (Ireland)
8) "The Light-Gatherer" by Carol Ann Duffy (Scotland)
9) "The Wishing Tree" by Kathleen Jamie (Scotland)
10) "O Canada" by Thomas Lynch (USA)

100% rag paper, hand-made by Papeterie St-Armand, Montreal.  Hand-set in Goudy typeface and printed letterpress by Pierre Filion.

Each broadside was produced in 3 formats:

A) Poem Alone, 11"x17", signed by poet, 1/50. 
B) Poem and illustration, 17"x22", signed by poet and artist, 1/50. 
C) Poem and illustration, 17"x22", signed by poet and artist, illustration hand-painted, 1/26.

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Sample of illustrated broadside:
Montreal Books runs Montreal Books Press and also produces the Signal International Broadside Series.

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